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Critter Coven Updayte! (Extra Y for Extra Magyck!)

Read the full page on Critter Coven’s website....

You can support the comic on Patreon for bonus content!!

Critter Coven is a member of Wool Wolf Comics- join the Wool Wolf community!

The Station: Starseed phone background for November is going to be pushed back to December!

I'm sorry- but I want to focus on getting the actual comics updated on time.

Work is pushing me hard, and my mental health has been poor- I'm lacking time, focus, and energy.

Also, while I'm accepting commissions, I will note that any new commissions, including the Aesthetic Combos, will likely be started and completed next year.

When I become a famous comic artist, novelist, video game programer, software developer, table-top game designer, 2D animation rigger, event organizer, co-op developer, theme-park designer, app designer, philanthropist, mentor, spiritual leader, puppeteer, toy-designer, print and apparel designer, historian, social scientist, and concept artist.... then you'll see!

You'll all see!!

Live2D is a lot of fun and I think I'm learning fast.

They're puppets- for the computer!

I've posted the Alpha Version of SIGILS & SHENANIGANS, the casual and GM-less "Critter Coven"-inspired TTRPG, on Patreon!!

Although unplaytested and missing some illustrations, the game is FULLY PLAYABLE!

Get S&S + more bonus content, like the CC Halloween Special, for just $2!

I've updated my online store with better photos of all the products, and added new products-- like the Station: Starseed buttons, and the Rainbow Alien Spirit Board (and more!!)

I'm not a social scientist, but it's better than nothing (I hope!)

I will make the data I gather public.

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If you currently identify as fictionkin and/or any kind of nonhuman, or have ever identified as fictionkin and/or any kind of nonhuman.... I'd appreciate if you filled out this quick survey and boosted or told others!!

I want to know more about nonhuman identity, especially in a historical context, but that information isn't easy to come by!

In an effort to have any information for the future to look back on, I've created this survey.

October 2020 Critter Coven Phone Background! (Late)

Monthly Phone Backgrounds are a reward unlocked by my wonderful Patrons on Patreon.

Read Critter Coven at

Sticker-Tails Meta-Saga has updated!!

(CW: Drug Use / Death)

STMS an experimental multimedia story about the otherkin and fan-fic community surrounding a fictional 2010's reboot of a fictional 80's furry cartoon.

Commission for OCR of Rosrie, the Animatronic Skunk!

Commissions are OPEN- and on sale until Nov. 20th!!

Bow-wow-zer and Funny-Bunny are major cast members of the children's show, "My Very Own Circus."

My Very Own Circus is an "interactive" show in the same was as Dora the Explorer, or Blue's Clues- where "you" are the off-screen, but often mentioned, "Ring Leader."

The cast of "My Very Own Circus" is also the major cast of a point-n-click adventure game I hope to make, where these characters travel outside their own show.

The game is tentatively titled "The Space Between Stories."

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The Absolutely Magnificent Bow-wow-zer and his Funny-Bunny!!

(An absent-minded, clumsy hand-puppet magician... with his mischievous shadow-puppet rabbit assistant. The dog was a stray puppy who lived on the streets until he found the magic hat, that contains the shadow-puppet bunny, and is learning to master the powers for performance.

The bunny likes to cause trouble.)

Commission for TheSofox (on Twitter!)

Commissions are on sale until Nov. 20th! $5 off orders of $30 or more!

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