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I adjusted the nose and proportions to be more mask like. You can't see, but the ears are double sided. I still need to readjust eyes...

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I've started to make printed paper masks. Still got some things to tweak.

My MLP sona, Scatterbrain!

Very rough looking right now, but I want to announce the "soft-opening" of my online store!

Yes, finally! It's here!

You can buy Critter Coven Is. 2 and Station: Starseed Is. 1 right now!

I'll be adding more products- including original not-webcomic work and some fan-art prints and buttons- soon!

I'll also be working on making the storefront a little more presentable....

Critter Coven Is. 1 is out-of-stock at the moment, but I hope to get it restocked soon!

Aesthetic Combo !

For $15, you can pick a square on the chart to combine two aesthetics into a new furry design on the top-left base.

You can suggest species or aspects, or leave it a total mystery!!

Only one design per square!! (Get 'em while they're hot!)

Reply to claim a square! Payment due after claiming, before I make the design.

The specific colors in the aesthetic-examples won't necessarily be used in the final design, but the general theme will be!

I need to advertise this Mastodon more. :U I pay money for this server every month....

I really want more people to use it- I think it's a much better social media experience than advertising-based places. But blah blah blah horse to water.

Commission for CodersGM of her Station: Starseed Nyan OC and NPC for the "Keepers of the Buzz" campaign!

Austin-Con 2020 is OVER!!

Thank you all so much for attending, boosting, and participating! <3

I had a wonderful time and I hope y'all did too!

I'm adding a (very) last-minute event to Austin-Con!

At 12 pm CST today, I'll be hosting a TRIVIA CONTEST!!

The winner will receive a cameo in my webcomic, Critter Coven!

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I'm awake, and ready to PARTY!

Austin-Con Day 2 is happening NOW!!

Come join us on our final day!

Austin-Con Website:

It's time!!

Austin-Con is LIVE!!

Panels, Vendors, Games, Draw-Pile, and Discord Server: it's a free digital convention!

Join the server now!!

Austin-Con Website:

AUSTIN-CON- the free online convention-party I'm hosting- is this week!! (Sep 4+5)

There will be panels, art, and games!!

I hope to see you there!!

(Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest / submissions, the "Kitty Committee" and "Costume Contest" panels have been cancelled.

I hope you'll attend to see the other panels- Slumberparty Games, The Reboot-a-Matic, and Pokemon: Spirit, Ghosts, and Gods!)

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