Critter Coven Updayte!
(Extra Y for Extra Magyck!)

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A member of @WoolWolfComics

Aesthetic Furry Combo Design E7 (Foresty + Witchy x Cowpoke + Western) for Pinleaf (on DA!)

Whimsical Eris- my furry magical girl comic - has updated!!

Magical Girl Transformation Sequence~✨ ✨ ✨

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Commission for MemphisIsn't (on Twitter) of his character, Atticus, as a Jedi from Star Wars!

Stomper The Dog- the courageous and wise leader of the group from the original Sticker-Tails cartoon!

For my project, Sticker-Tails Meta-Saga, which you can read here!

VTuber Avatar Commission for Xinjinmeng (on FA!)

Commissions are OPEN for Live2D/Facerig avatars!!

I've posted the first strip of UNICORN RODEO- a fantasy western webcomic!!

I finished this strip in 2020, but I told myself I wouldn't launch another new comic until 2021. I held off for 3 days, and it was difficult to do.

Also-- can you believe it- a Lucheek comic with no furries!?

Critter Coven Updayte!
(Extra Y for Extra Magyck!)

Read the full page on Critter Coven’s website:

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A member of Wool Wolf Webcomics!

TOYWITCH has launched!!


It's a line of apparel + merchandise that mixes a retro nostalgic kidcore aesthetic with occultism!

The first available items are the T-Shirt, Pack, and Spirit Board!

Station: Starseed has updated!!

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Station: Starseed is a member of @WoolWolfComics

Aesthetic Combo Furry Adoptable Commission "F5" (Retro + Arcade x Cowpoke + Western ) for Munchierous (on Tumblr!)

Many many kitties- so many kitties that there are some kitties that havn't been discovered yet by Felentria at large!

Go nuts making an OC- no penalty for being wrong. :)

Station: Starseed Phone Background No. 4 (for December 2020)

Commission for TactiusSlide, a gift for their friend Jintally (on FA)

(Character belongs to Jintally!)

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