The Absolutely Magnificent Bow-wow-zer and his Funny-Bunny!!

(An absent-minded, clumsy hand-puppet magician... with his mischievous shadow-puppet rabbit assistant. The dog was a stray puppy who lived on the streets until he found the magic hat, that contains the shadow-puppet bunny, and is learning to master the powers for performance.

The bunny likes to cause trouble.)

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Bow-wow-zer and Funny-Bunny are major cast members of the children's show, "My Very Own Circus."

My Very Own Circus is an "interactive" show in the same was as Dora the Explorer, or Blue's Clues- where "you" are the off-screen, but often mentioned, "Ring Leader."

The cast of "My Very Own Circus" is also the major cast of a point-n-click adventure game I hope to make, where these characters travel outside their own show.

The game is tentatively titled "The Space Between Stories."

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