A hypothetical style of clothing or apparel line based on pajamas + sleepwear and (a toned-down) fairy kei fashion.

It was an old idea I had years ago, brought it back and did some concept sketches of a collection.

Aesthetic Combo Furry Adoptable Commission "A3" (Clown + Circus x Cryptid + Hipster) for Munchierous (on Tumblr!!)

Aesthetic Combo Furry Adoptable Commission "A4" (Clown + Circus x Magical + Fairy) for Stars-and-Candybars (on Tumblr!!)

I found out I don't actually have an ink pad but I had an idea at work that I still wanted to try!

I should mention this is based on the illustration work of Ed Emberley!

After writing the story in July, I finally made a cover and printed "Monster Wardens (Issue 1)"!!

Monster Wardens is an original modern fantasy story about a human world that discovered inhuman monsters and began to "hunt" them, and the monsters who fight back.

You can actually read this first issue online right now!!


It's intended format is print, though, and if I write more... I think I might take it offline.

Syringe / Needle 

"Not what teacher said to do,
making dreams come true,
living tissue, warm flesh...


Mad Scientist Halloween Fursona Icon!

Aesthetic Combo Furry Adoptable Commission "B4" (Gothic + Edgy x Magical + Fairy) for Coders_GM (on Discord!)

I want to buy Thems Fighting Herds ... so I made a TFH adoptable!

Hpynogog the Baku!

$15 USD to claim!!

By the way:

If you ever draw, write, craft, or commission fan-work of Critter Coven characters...I really want to see it!!

Sometimes I find it in the wild, without knowing it existed, and it's always such a delight!!

(And yes, that includes your saucier stuff, too!!)

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Today is the 4th Anniversary of the launch of Critter Coven, my webcomic about real witches (who just happen to be furries!)

I don't have any new art for the occasion, but I am excited to get back to working on updates, books, and rewards this month.

Thank y'all for reading!


finally made a new logo!!

The idea is I can add sigils/symbols to the halo area to customize it for different uses.

Aesthetic Combo Furry Adoptable Commission "C2" (Gothic + Edgy x Cryptid + Hipster) for Rhodes on FurAffinity!!

I've posted a new page of Whimsical Eris (Page 6!)


Whimsical Eris is my !!

You can also see that I've made some big changes to the website!

Read ahead on Patreon for just $2!


I had an idea for "forum" software that's designed to play/host TTRPGs- with built in dice rollers and dice themes, multiple characters per user with character sheet tracking, and general customizable options for setting the theme of your game.

Printable Furby Mask (Attempt Two!)

You can make this mask at home with a printer, scissors, and glue-stick!

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